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Dear Advice Town,
Where has the time gone? It’s almost 2016 and I haven’t gotten half the things done on my 2015 to do list! How can I make sure this won’t happen next year?
I blame the daily demand.

If I hear one more person say, “My. My. It’s already December? Can you believe it?” I’m going to end it all by overdosing on peppermint schnapps and hanging myself with Yule tide tinsel from our Christmas lit balcony. The day ends, the week is gone, the month flies by, and the year is over before your newly purchased Amazon Now package arrives.
Yes. The year is coming to it's inevitable close. It’s a beautiful tiny reminder that we only have so much time on this overcrowded planet, and an ugly giant nudge to say "WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?"

But let’s not pretend that we are shocked by it all. When I genuinely take inventory of my life and of this year’s passing, I think to myself “You did all that? And had time to nap?” I’m envious of myself! It’s a cozy little snide spot where I like to soak my feet and sip martinis on occasion.

If this isn't you. If you truly feel like you have lost 2015 to bosses barking demands, life's flashing maintenance light, and family obligations then take heed. Sip some hot cocoa, and plow through this delightful read with hope once again massaging your sweet sore shoulders. 
If taking inventory mentally can be to easily forgotten, then make a list of all of your achievements in 2015 and slap those well-earned puppies on your card covered fridge. Don't have a fridge? That's a different post all together.
Can’t think of any accomplishments? Hit the speed dial and ring up a friend! I guarantee your friend’s view from the outside has bestowed him or her with an annoyingly detailed perspective.
Put the candy cane down, step away from your well iced gingerbread house, and stop beating yourself up!
Here are a few tips on how you can stay on track in 2016:
These beautiful real world Pinterest posters are detrimental to your New Year’s revolution. Most of us have heard all about these odd little pushpin pasties via Oprah Winfrey and The Secret.

Purchase a piece of cardboard or just cut out the side of a box from left over gift giving. Get a crap load of new, old, and borrowed magazines. Cut out some interesting articles, photos that attract your intuitive eye, and clippings that conceptualize where you want to be by the time 2017 rolls around and slaps you in your drooling hungover face. Now, let your creative freak flag fly, and get down to double sticking your dreams!

Put your new art piece on display for daily consumption. It will give you that all to necessary jumping jack flash jolt to get your goal oriented booty on track! I have often looked back on my vision boards and found myself a very grateful gal.
I will warn you that these do not work if you don’t FINISH them and HANG them up! Shiish! I have so many friends that attempt this year pouncing project all sparkle toed, champagne glow, and hopeful, but soon get "distracted" and never complete their project. They can't even bring themselves to finish within the next couple of days, after the New Year's Eve hangover has worn off.
I know your brows are all crinkled from the Botox wearing off, and your screaming "Advice Town! There's no need for a daily planner when I have a phone, and instant access to Google Calendar! Rid yourself of your desperate dark age ways you old crone!"

Do not underestimate the power of a paper planner my dear. I love a good large paper filled planner, especially at the beginning of the year. It holds SO MUCH PROMISE! Get your pencil out and start doodling your life projects that are waiting in the wings to flourish. Scribble small obtainable goals placed on well-timed dates. Don’t give yourself a month to do a project that could literally be done in two weeks, or a day to complete a monthly monster.
This year will be different because you are going to have friends that will make you accountable! Because you are going to initiate, politely persist your way into their hearts, and what's that? Yep! Commit to scheduled meeting times! Not only that, but they are going to make you a little bit jealous and spark that friendly competitive side in you.These friends are not just coffee and bar buds, but they are playing real time in your field of interest, and they are calling you out like a viscous relentless game of Red Rover. It’s time to get real world social! No more hiding behind status updates, and instant messages.
This is my DUDE! There is something about his powerful motivational speeches that get my heart pumping, my feet tapping, and my mind conjuring up that CAN DO attitude!  You can find his teachings on Youtube, and in e-books and audiobooks etc. He does seminars around the world. He is everywhere! There are no excuses! One message of Tony Robbin’s that really resonates with me is the phrase, “Would you rather an ounce of discipline or a ton of regret?” BOOM! Ya heard? Let that seep in for a moment.
Perhaps Tony is not your cup of tea, but don’t stop there! Find a speaker this year that moves you, motivates you, and gives you goose bumps. Someone that can rise you from your nine to five grave with their powerful words and excite you about a fresh new day for the picking!

Good luck in the upcoming year my sweets! Work hard towards your passion, and make time for yourself. Know that goals don't come fast or easy but when they arrive, they are well worth the wait!

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