Dear Advice Town,
I feel so old. I’m 3o. They say overnight success takes ten years. Who wants to see a forty year old Britney Spears? I feel like time is running out. I feel like it’s to late to follow my dreams. How do I get out of this funk?

Little Old Lady in Pasadena
So you FEEL OLD, do ya?
Why do we fear aging when it is excruciatingly inevitable? Why does our society covet the young dumb bumbling legs, glitter, and guns that twenty year old toddlers sport as they sip their red bull and vodkas while saturating their social media with selfies?
Perhaps we envy their energy. Perhaps we revel in their conviction that the future holds riches beyond belief without any real back breaking effort. Perhaps we perceive it as courage not wide-eyed naiveté when they boast about their new blog, album, or clothing line.
Our society cheers the eighteen year old that straddles the music industry, and scoffs at the forty year old struggling to become the next big pop star.
We cherish youth in this society beyond reason. We forget the incredible rewards that growing old will yield. We refuse to remember or respect those gifts, let alone place them in the winner’s circle of our conversations.
I’m a rip roaring thirty one year old. Depending on your age bracket and your location (L.A. must be the ageism capital of the world), I could possibly be a peer, a grandma, or a blabbering baby fool that has yet to approach the precipice of life.
My advice to you young grandma is this:
  • Stop saying you are old. START saying you are intelligent and confident.
  • Stop putting an age limit on activities. START putting a lip limit on your ageism.
  • Stop crying that the music industry won’t open doors for the elderly. START prying those doors open with your cane.
  • START appreciating the moment. YOU ARE THE YOUNGEST YOU WILL EVER BE.
  • Indulge in the art of PLAY AND DISCOVERY. Enjoy your craft.
These ladies are beautiful and are still rocking our world! So can you!
Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan
- Photo by Ann Marie Wilson

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